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                    嶄猟井 | English
        Mechanics Test
        Soil Testing
        Field Test
        Asphalt,asphalt mixture
        Curing controller,cabinet
        Waterproof Material
        Cement paste
        Surveying Instrument
        Wall Brick Equipment
    Web: www.www.apdaqt.com
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    Zhejiang Tugong Instrument Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer of computerized, digitized and intelligent testing equipments. Our company has great-leap-forward development in the past thirty years since established in 1981. Company cover an area of 26,680 square meters, have 14 modernized standard workshops, be equipped with complete vehicle, gear, milling, grinding, and boring machine, have high independent research and development ability. 
    Economic and Trade Commission, Science and Technology Committee set their research center in our company. We participate and enact national standard and provincial standard  many times. We won the tender of important national project and world bank many times, three main project, Hangzhou bay cross-sea bridge, Zhoushan Cross-inland project, Qingdao transbay bridge. All proprietor, management office, builder in the project, Zhejiang Provincial Traffic engineering Quality and Technical Supervision Administration & eight subordinate Communications quality monitoring station use our testing equipments. We are honored with ^Shangyu Measuring Qualified Enterprises ̄, ^Shangyu Quality Integrity Enterprise^, ^Shangyu Honoring Contracts & Standing by Reputation Enterprise ^, ^The People¨s Republic of China Export and Import Enterprise ̄. We export products to more than 80 countries in the world such as Europe, America, Australia etc. We are authorized as ^AAA Credit Business ̄ by Agricultural Bank of China. We won ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environment management system certification, France BV International quality certification, European Union CE certification.
       We have 32 kinds of products won the Licence for manufacturing measuring instrument; 48 kinds of products won National Industrial Product Manufacture Licence;39 kinds of product won National Patent. Compression testing machineUniversal testing machine,  be authorized as ^Zhejiang Famous brand Product ̄, Consolidation testing machine Consolidation Apparatlds be authorized ^Shaoxing Famous brand Product ̄, We are one of the largest manufacturer of geotechnical instruments, highway instruments and building materials instruments in China. We registered YF trade  mark on around forty counties, famous in the world.
       We create and develop our brand with the better quality, service and the best credit. With the strong R&D ability, reliable quality, effective management, good service, modernized equipments and advanced creative consciousness, we are writing a remarkable page in the history of Chinese testing equipment.